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Addiction is the condition of being dependant on a particular substance, thing or activity.

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ConnexOntario Learn More

ConnexOntario is an information and referral service, focusing on mental health, addiction and problem gambling services in the province.  Available 24/7 via phone, web-chat and email. You can also use the services via an app.  


Mental Health, Substance Use, and Wellbeing in Higher Education Learn More

Mental Health, Substance Use, and Wellbeing in Higher Education lays out a variety of possible strategies and approaches to meet increasing demand for mental health and substance use services, based on the available evidence on the nature of the issues and what works in various situations.  

Nomo- Sobriety Clocks Learn More

Nomo is a sobriety tracking app.One great way to stay encouraged is to see your progress. Nomo will break down tons of stats like your streaks, how much money you’ve saved, how many calories you’ve burned (for alcohol clocks), how much time you’ve saved, and a ton more!

However, if you look under the hood, Nomo is so much more! Everything from an encouragement wall, to accountability partner searching, to mini-exercises to help you refocus.

SMART Recovery Learn More

Self-Management And Recovery Training (SMART) is a global community of mutual-support groups. At meetings, participants help one another resolve problems with any addiction (to drugs or alcohol or to activities such as gambling or over-eating). Participants find and develop the power within themselves to change and lead fulfilling and balanced lives guided by their science-based and sensible 4-Point Program.

Sober Grid Learn More

Sober Grid allows you to create online profiles and interact, support, and engage with other people in recovery using a platform similar to Facebook.

Sober Grid started because the founders were looking for a sober community that could be accessed anytime anywhere. Today it is a platform full of evidence-based tools to help anyone get sober and stay sober. Some join to get support, others to give it. Each free download, post, and connection create an opportunity to stay sober while helping others do the same.

CAMH- Gambling, Gaming and Technology Use Learn More

A knowledge exchange site that includes help with monitoring urges, self-help tools for those who gamble and self-help for family and friends of those who gamble too much.