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Mental Health at McMaster

McMaster Okanagan Office of Health & Well-being

McMaster Mental Health Resources

The McMaster Okanagan Mental Health & Well-being Task Force has been coming across many useful articles, resources, apps and videos that they would like to share with the McMaster community. The links on this page are suggestions and are by no means complete. Resources on this site will be added and edited on a regular basis.

Do you know of a mental health resource that you feel should be added to this page? Please let us know by emailing 


Link to Crisis Support Resources


These resources are ones that are available on-campus or through McMaster student / staff / faculty benefits (offered by McMaster University).

Information Box Group

MacPFD Spark Podcast Learn More

MacPFD has created a wellbeing podcast dealing with issues such as anti-racism, bringing life to meetings, indigenous health, and peer support. The podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and SoundCloud.

5 Things: A Curated Collection Learn More

A blog post summarizing some content from the MacPFD collection and beyond that may be of interest to you as a leader, a teacher, or a person. 

Employee & Family Assistance Program (McMaster Employees) Learn More

McMaster University is proud to offer the extended benefit of an Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP).

Employee Benefits Learn More

McMaster offers robust, market-driven total rewards packages featuring compensation, benefits, retirement savings plans/pensions, time off and performance and service recognition.

Total rewards offerings are specific to each employee group at McMaster, click the link to review all benefits plans by employee group which can be used for private counselling.

FHS Professionalism Office Learn More

The Advisor, Professionalism and Faculty Lead are available to all Faculty of Health Sciences learners, staff and faculty members. Their focus is to attend to issues of professionalism in an objective, impartial, empathetic and confidential manner. They can provide a listening ear, advice, options and advocacy.

You can approach us in confidence or even anonymously.

Indigenous Student Services Learn More

Explore the Indigenous Student Services site to discover support and opportunities available for all Indigenous Students at McMaster. 

Key Person Advice Line Learn More

The Key Person Advice Line gives you, the manager, supervisor, owner or union representative the opportunity to contact a Homewood Health senior level clinician at any time for immediate just-in-time consultation should a situation arise in the workplace that could benefit from professional input.


Mac's Money Centre Learn More

Student resource for financial well-being including: paying for school, living on a budget, credit and debit, paying taxes, and how to prepare financially for life once you’ve graduated from McMaster.

Marauder's Map Learn More

The Marauder’s Map is an interactive resource that covers campus and the surrounding area, and shows you places to Stay Active, Keep Learning, Reach Out, Connect, and Be Mindful. You can also find where the all-gender washrooms are on campus, locations to decompress, and more! The map has layers, so you can filter by any of the above categories to find what you’re looking for. 

McMaster's Discrimination & Harassment Guide Learn More

Information on how to Recognize, Respond and Refer within the McMaster environment in terms of issues relating to discrimination and harassment.  

Mental Health Resources, Employee Health and Safety (Accommodations, Leaves, etc.) Learn More

A psychologically healthy work environment supports employee engagement, worker health and well-being, recruitment and retention, productivity, effective risk management and corporate social responsibility. The supports provided at McMaster aim to foster mental wellness in you and those you know. 

MSU Maccess Learn More

Provides peer support by trained volunteers with lived experiences with any of the following: disability, chronic illness, mental illness, madness, mental health concerns, neurodivergence, and additional identities that are part of the larger disability rights movement. 

PGME (Residents and Fellows)- Resident Affairs Office Learn More

The mission of the Resident Affairs Office is to ensure the success of residents and fellows by promoting wellness and resilience and by helping address issues of concern in their professional and personal lives. You can book an appointment with a counsellor directly here.

Pride Community Centre Learn More

PCC is a student-run service provided by the MSU that aims to challenge oppressive social attitudes and norms, patriarchy, homo/trans/bi/lesbophobia, and the like, at the systemic level.

PCC provides a contact point for McMaster students that may identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, and/or any of the other diverse identities that make up our community.

Professor Hippo-on-Campus Student Mental Health Education Program for Educators and Navigators Learn More

Faculty and instructors must feel prepared and comfortable to address student needs in ways that are consistent with and appropriate to their roles.

The Professor Hippo-on-Campus program has been designed and tested to help accomplish these goals in an accessible and engaging 8 module format. You will learn a lot about what’s available and what to do to support student mental health.

Student Accessibility Services Learn More

Student Accessibility Services (SAS) provides academic accommodation assistance and related supports to students with disabilities at McMaster. SAS is available to assist students transitioning from high school, other post secondary institutions, undergraduate, continuing and graduate students.

Student Health Education Centre (SHEC) Learn More

The Student Health Education Centre (SHEC) is a peer-run health promotion, education, and referral service for McMaster University students. SHEC focuses on engaging with students about health-related issues through peer support, events, and campaigns. 

Student Wellness Centre Learn More

The Student Wellness Centre is the place on campus to address your wellness needs. The SWC provides a range of counselling options, medical services and wellness programs. 

Supporting Faculty and Staff in Distress Learn More

Everyone plays an important role in creating healthy and respectful work environments. The 3 R’s (Recognize, Respond, Refer) are a tool we can use to provide support and guide respectful communication. 

UGME- Student Affairs Office Learn More

Offers confidential support, information, referrals and/or advocacy around any personal or professional issue all learners, both undergraduate MD students and Postgraduate Residents may be facing. 

We Speak Student (Undergraduate Students) Learn More

To meet and exceed the needs of all students across Canada, as more than just a health benefits program that serves and protects their interests, but a partner that puts the interests of all students first through transparent information and values.

Women + Gender Equity Network Learn More

The MSU Women & Gender Equity Network (WGEN) is a peer support driven service that caters to women, trans folk, people who identify outside the gender binary, gender non-conforming folk and all survivors of sexual and gender-based violence from all gender identities. 

Student Support and Case Management Office Learn More

As one of the many departments within McMaster’s Student Affairs Office, the SSCM has a broad and proactive mandate to support students who may be experiencing difficulty on campus.

Only leaders may refer, no self referral – The SSCM provides support to students throughout their time at McMaster, providing resources to manage issues as well as crisis prevention and intervention for students. 

President's Advisory Committee On Building an Inclusive Community (PACBIC) Learn More

PACBIC is made up of organizational members who identify and anticipate issues affecting equity-seeking communities (including but not limited to First Nations, Métis and Inuit persons, members of racialized communities, newcomers and refugees, members of diverse faith communities, persons with disabilities, LGBTQ-identified individuals, and women) both within the University and relevant to those seeking access to the University, and advise the President on such issues.

Equity and Inclusion Office Learn More

The Equity and Inclusion Office (EIO) is a central resource where expertise is proactively drawn upon by administrators, faculty, staff, and students: to advance unit-specific and institutional equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility goals; to enact inclusive excellence principles; and to establish respectful living, learning, and working environments that are free from harassment and discrimination, and sexual violence including through timely and procedurally fair investigative and alternative dispute resolution processes.

Back to Mac Learn More

McMaster has developed a webpage that acts as a guide for staff, students and faculty who are returning to campus Fall 2021. The website has the most up-to-date information about what is open, and ongoing health and safety recommendations of the campus.

Workplace-Based Learning Sessions Learn More

In partnership with Homewood Health, McMaster Human Resources offer leaders and their teams the opportunity to book a variety of workplace-based learning sessions to explore topics ranging from general knowledge to personal health and wellness strategies, including effective approaches to managing stress, team interaction, work-life integration, and family dynamics.

Abolish the University: Build the Sanctuary Campus Learn More

Dr. David L. Clark wrote an article titled “Abolish the University: Build the Sanctuary Campus” that allows readers to reflect on how post-secondary institutions can, and should, become sanctuaries.